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The Truth Behind The LA Weight Loss Menu Plan

By Phillip England

Get your own LA weight loss menu plan and kick start your diet regime today. A menu plan consists mainly of proteins, vegetables, fruits, starches, fats, dairy and LA Lites. Calorie bars are important components of all LA weight loss programs. But, does it actually work?

What it is

The program is based on a reduced calorie intake that is coupled with dietary supplements and bars, including behavior modification, and personal counseling. The focus is to aggressively sell nutritional supplements in the form of calorie bars known as LA Lites.

LA weight loss centers are recommended to those who are relatively rich, since the program itself is expensive.

How it works

The program works first by placing you on a few orange and greens for the first three days. After which, you will be placed on a strict calorie plan. They will also advise you to take nutritional supplements that are extremely expensive. A supplement can be in the form of a juice, which you will eat for two to three days.

The people tell it all

There have been thousands of raves over the menu plan. Hollywood stars have supposedly attested to the program's effectiveness, losing weight within weeks or months. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of the program depends highly on the person. One of the main protests over the menu plan is that it helps keep the weight off, but it does not change your overall lifestyle. Hence, the process remains a cycle, where you eat, gain weight, diet, eat, and then gain weight again.

Too expensive

Another issue hounding the menu plan is its cost. Most LA centers offer expensive diet programs that only those who can afford can continue to patronize its services. In fact, some centers have been scolded by the US government for overpricing and for giving overly exaggerated marketing and advertising claims.

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